Part I of 3: Visualize your application's routes with Pathfinder-UI

In my previous post, I walked through how we might use the Express Router to create modular Express 4.x apps that are extensible and maintainable. Having a modularized app architecture has numerous benefits, but as my own teammates and I built larger applications, we ran into another challenge: the nesting of routers within other routers was making it harder for us to (1) see our entire app structure and (2) navigate through our routes »

How to modularize routes with the Express Router

If you’re building in Node.js with the Express.js framework, you’ve probably used the Router class at some point in your day-to-day development. The Express Router is a powerful feature that was introduced in Express 4, a sort of mini Express application for just middleware and routing. It also gives us the ability to create modularized routers that are mountable, composable, and extensible — making your code base a lot easier to manage »